about me

JessI’m a self-taught artist with a full-time day job; I spend most of my evenings and weekends in my home studio. My current series, Geometry of Puako Bay, features the colorful reef fish of Hawaii that I encountered while scuba diving off the Kona coast. Follow me on Instagram @jay_p_el for new paintings and cat pics.

I live in the DC area, via LA, via The South. My paintings are inspired by the 1960’s California hard-edge abstract painters. I take various forms (animals, plants, faces, etc.) and create colorful abstracted mandala-like or geometric designs. I primarily work in heavy-bodied acrylic on canvas & canvas board, but enjoy trying new mediums.

I update my website with works-in-progress, completed paintings, and occasional blog posts on experimentations and exhibits.

Levitated Mass Michael Heizer LACMA
Levitated Mass
Michael Heizer