Ocean City Easter Arts and Crafts Fair


Easter weekend I had exhibited at my first arts and crafts fair! I had a lot of fun setting up my little booth and meeting other exhibitors. The kids were great and really seemed to love my fish, so I gave away coloring pages to them.

I made friends with a really nice girl who loves otters–so I made a quick sketch!

I realized this wasn’t exactly the best type of fair for me to sell my paintings, but I learned a lot and had fun!

Pancakes and Booze DC

Pancakes and Booze was an awesome and exhausting first show. For my first show, I’d say it was a success. I met a lot of new artist friends. It was really cool seeing the different styles and talents in the DC artist community.  I would definitely do this show again!


I even said goodbye to two of my favorite paintings:

Pufferfish acrylic on 5x7 canvas panel 2017         Pinktail Triggerfish 2 arcylic on 5x7 canvas panel 2016



30 paintings in 30 days challenge


It’s September 16th and I’m halfway through the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.  I’ve also been posting my daily updates on Instagram @jay_p_el and Facebook @eveningpainting.

Everything is posted to the Geometry of Puako Bay gallery and up for sale for $40 (framed or unframed) –unless marked Sold!

Geometry of Puako Bay features the fish and other critters that my family and I saw on our vacation in Hawaii. We snorkeled and scuba’d along the Kona coast of Hawaii for a week and captured some amazing Hawaiian reef fish on the GoPro!


art deco mandala 2

Art Deco II mandala acrylic on 11x14 canvas board 2015
Art Deco II mandala
acrylic on 11×14 canvas board

I really love how the colors turned out in my newest painting! The metallic silver paint creates a great contrast to the matte colors and made it feel very art deco to me.

This was actually my first time painting on canvas board in a while, as I prefer the “bounce” (is that thing?) of a wrapped canvas. I primed it with several layers of sanded gesso to give it a smoother texture.

Check out my original design: colored in red, white, and blue (I drew it around July 4th).