Ocean City Easter Arts and Crafts Fair


Easter weekend I had exhibited at my first arts and crafts fair! I had a lot of fun setting up my little booth and meeting other exhibitors. The kids were great and really seemed to love my fish, so I gave away coloring pages to them.

I made friends with a really nice girl who loves otters–so I made a quick sketch!

I realized this wasn’t exactly the best type of fair for me to sell my paintings, but I learned a lot and had fun!

Pancakes and Booze DC

Pancakes and Booze was an awesome and exhausting first show. For my first show, I’d say it was a success. I met a lot of new artist friends. It was really cool seeing the different styles and talents in the DC artist community.  I would definitely do this show again!


I even said goodbye to two of my favorite paintings:

Pufferfish acrylic on 5x7 canvas panel 2017         Pinktail Triggerfish 2 arcylic on 5x7 canvas panel 2016